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[August 30th ]
[ mood | angry ]

Ok losers new JounRaL








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[August 30th ]
o right now i'd say the most pissed off ppl in the would would have 2 be.....
LINZY AND BECKY! ....we have our reasons...but i hate when guys lie...ya know u always find out in the end what the truth is..shew i mean this kid means the world 2 me i mean i'v been like crazy about him 4 a long time but shew idunno anymore...just i get told one thing one night and then next night something else so me and Becky r PISSED...we punched a whole is our wall i have 2 pay 2 get mine fixed tho =/ that kinda sucks BUT still worth it i get sooo pissed sometimes but yea me and Becky r gonna talk more about what we r gonna do about out fat lil problem..lol...right becky....

leave em!
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[August 27th ]
ok just so everyone knows....uhh that last update got some ppl confused...i am not in love with a guy his first name (A) well his middle name....uhh yes i got asked that 12315485 TIMES! no not him!


love ya
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[August 22nd ]
[ mood | depressed ]

Alright well now summer is 100% over witch sucks i miss my summer it was probly one of the best ever i met some of my best friends now over the summer.....

...alright i'v had a lot of things on my mind lately...and come 2 relize LOVE is bullshit i mean Love has no meaning it's just something u feel! it's for losers and old ppl...it just cant happen 2 me....i did fall for someone over the summer and came 2 see that he didnt love me but used me...it was crazy how i felt 4 this guy 5 months wasted with him i never felt like i did when i was with him he could piss u off and 5 sec. later put his hand on my face kiss me and make it all better it was weird....i know this doesnt make since 2 many ppl right now but 2 Marshea,Stina,Stacie,and Kristen it does and maybe more ppl....but no one reallly knows but Marshea cause she has been there when i am with him he makes me glow and everything....right now i am trying 2 get over him but it is soooo hard...i mean a lotta ppl have been comming up 2 me asking am i sick or depressed case of what this boy has done 2 me but i'm ok for the 40000 ppl who have asked me am i sick....


well i am gonna end it there


love u all....leave me comments

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[August 15th ]
[ mood | crazy ]

alright time 4 an update....

Firday i went 2 Marshea's and we went 2 the b/a welll i dont wanna say what all happen that night but i kinda didnt go back 2 Marshea's i went with someone else witch was kinda stupid and i got cought by Marshea's dad shew i am never lieing about that shit again.....now i'll like never be able 2 go 2 Marshea's again!...

Saturday i was just sittin here bored so i msg;d Stacie Smith...well we had the big idea that we were gonna go out and do something!....so dad come and got her and we went 2 pick up dads ugly bitch...then Dad droped us back off at Stacie's we got ready and went with Jarod and Ty well i got 2 see Marshea...yay...then we went back up 2 Walmart and i saw my lovely Stina and Hopp...well when we was walking over there ,,,uhh some guy we didnt know came oveer and was like u all wanna party so we was like uhh yes..so me and Stacie whent and told her g-ma were we were going and turns out when we got 2 the college they were football players...what r the odds of that....well i dont wanna write about anything that realllly happen so i will just end it there the next mourning me and Stacie came home and crashed out!.....

the end!....leave me lovely comments!

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[August 10th ]
[ mood | depressed ]

shew school starts tomorrow meaning my summer is over...i reckon i had a great summer tho i didnt get 2 hang out with Haley a lot tho witch was odd because we were together everyday during school...I'v made a lot of friends over the summer like Samanatha,Marshea,Stina,Becky,and Allie witch i cant forget the times we had like jogging at 6 in the mourning and going 2 the MOVIES! lol and got closer 2 Emily wow me and Emily had some GOOD times together ((6-15-05 my fav date ever!))...and me and Marshea had 2 have the best times like ((7-15-05)) with the same..well yes we wont talk about it cause i have been thinking about him a lot lately i had a dream about him last night it was odd cause it seemed soooo real i mean only about 3 ppl know what i am reallly talking about like Marshea.Stina(the view when we got lost) and Emily cause she was the the first time i reallly had a good talk with this boy but this boy had made my summer i just got done talking 2 him and its just weird cause a buch of shit got out and made him hate me for no reason i'm still trying 2 just talk 2him 2 get him 2 relize it wasnt me but ohh well i dont need 2 be talking about him it's just that dream last night seemed soooo real it made me think about it.......but i think i am gonna go sleep and waste the rest of my freaking summer!...i hope everyuone is ready 4 school!''

leave me comemnts!..

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[August 8th ]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Alright i am kinda lazy so i will start with Saturday.....

well i went and got my lovely friend Marshea then we went bowling..well we were there 4 i;d say a good 5 mins then we went with Stina...well we had the big idea 2 go 2 a party ((well i dunnno if u could call it a party or not hum just the Gurl's lol...)) but yea!..... shit fuck this i'LL just put randons

  • i cant drive well at night lol
  • P.......P...... LOL
  • the damn carwash in the middle of the road
  • barking out the window
  • this biscut is dry main
  • Southside! is an awesome place they have a park!
  • Beast fucking! lol

Alright now....

Sunday Mourning we came 2 my house 4 a lil bit 2 talk 2 dad then Stina took us 2 Shea and Stina went 2 work...well me and Marshea passsed out! then later when we got up we went 2 her Granny's and got FOOD! then went 2 the drive inn and saw one of the best movies ever lol...when we got back we had the bright idea 2 change my belly button ring((IF u didnt know i got it pierced the other day)) but yea it took us 45 Mins just 2 find out how 2 get the balll off of it cause the ball dont come off the damn top! shew after i went under alll that pain we changed it and then got in the hott tub then we go sooooo bored we just went 2 her house and went 2 bed.......


ohh well thats it

later all u got damn frazz <----dont ask inside thing

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[July 30th ]
[ mood | chipper ]

welp got my schedule today and found out i got all the dumb classes YAY GO ME!

B1.Health and PE 9::Hale
B2.Algebra 1-A::Roop
B3.Resource Mgt.::McMurray

Second Sem.

B1.Ancient History::Shortt
B2.Earth Science1::Dotson
B3.Spanish 1::Mullins
B4.Algebra 1-B::Roop

.......yes i got the dumb classes i hope other ppl got them 2! lol.......

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[July 29th ]
[ mood | crazy ]

Ok this is an update for Tommy the coolest guy i know! so if u dont wanna read this u dont have 2 =)

ok about 2 years ago i met the coolest kid ever u wanna know how i met him......he had cool socks at a concert! lol..dont ask but here is a pic of Tommy

 in a pink jacket lol


Lordy is he purty*!


well seeing as Tommy and i r gonna get married someday  lol....its only fair if i let everyone see the socks that brought us together! lol haha

yup the socks!.....




haha ok this update was for Tommy cause is it late and we r bored i know odd update but nothing is going on in my life at the moment

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[July 25th ]
[ mood | pissed off ]

well here is an update

-all i do is sleep

-Saturday night was fucking awesome

-my dad believes anyhting i say and i can do what i want

-Stina is my hero for covering 4 me

-me and Trevor r OVER never talking again he wants a g/f i dont want a relationship

-my classring is missing for anyone that may know where it is i kinda know but cant go get it

-i'm lonely lol no one ever comes 2 see me anymore

-i miss someone a lot!

-being single and not talking 2 ANYONE sucks ass

-i wish i could drive

-i wish i had more friends thatcan drive

-LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I MISS MEL!....shew she has been gone way 2 long! she needs 2 come back 2 Pound

...........Thats all for now............

leave me LOTS of comments

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[July 19th ]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Well hell let me tell ya the past weekend has been craZy omg*!

Friday-Marshea came up and we went bowling and walmart...later that night we had fun its was all good!

Satuday-we got up at about 2ish i had a msg on the computer is wat woke me up ;) lol dont ask.....well we got bored so we went 2 Shea's granny's...After that we went back 2 her place 2 get ready and went 2 the b/a 4 about 2 hours and "TRIED" 2 get Jacob's hat shew we stole all his condoms but not the hat damn! then we went her Shea's house and rode the 4wheeler 4 a lil while and then just came home

Sunday-dad came and got us and brought us 2 my house we went 4 wheelin up here till Marshea saw i had NO gas left so we had 2 come home =( after that i called our good bubbies Brandon,Nate,and Brnadon come up 4 like 2 mins and left i dunno y lol.! hahahaha! well tell i went 2 sleep at like 8 then Stina came up 4 a min or 2  when she left me and Shea went 2 her house cause my house sucks! well when we got there we went and got on the 4wheeler WHERE MIGHT I ADD! we heard the DUCKS! yes ppl ducks dont let Shea tell u it was frogs eather!!!! well after we got back we just chilled  then got bored again and went 2 David's brothered him 4 a min then we ran in his bed and just fell asleep lol...after he tucked us in lol!

Today-we woke up at 2ish left David's and went 2 Shea's where we just left again lol..and went 2 her granny's then later dad came and met me at the hospital. and i came home and have been bored ever since*!


but this weekendend has been reallly fun if u ppl only knew it all lol...




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[July 16th ]
[ mood | ahh ]






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[July 6th ]
[ mood | crappy ]

Last update ♥Collapse )


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[June 26th ]

hey guys i'm still alive even tho i havented updated in like 4-ever

ok lets start out with lastnight


ok i got home and my Neighbors came and talked 4 a lil bit then dad like left me..so i called Stina and she came up so we left...we went 2 Walmart..NO ONE was up there so we went 2 the bowling alley 4 a min. talked 2 Sam and Becky

after tyhat we went back 2 walmart and i talked 2 Jarod Key 4 a lil bit...after that we just kinda went home...



today- we got up so fucking early like at 11 it sucked ass!!! well since we were up we went 2 eat then went 2 walmart 2 get a cam..well I SAW BUBBLES! so we bought some and held them out the window as we drove yay!....well we went 2 the park and took lots of pix!

i'll post them in a lil bit

but after that we were gonna go 2 this "GIRL'S" house and i be damn if we couldnt find it....so i went over there and Aaron Hess  was outside working and he didnt help me much he had never heard of her...humm ohh well after i talked 2 him we took off home....now i am sittin here bored as fuck yay!



i miss my F.B.4.L lol.....DONT ASK only Stina knows
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[June 18th ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

saw the love of my life today and i even had a lil talk with him! it was great!

leave comments


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[June 12th ]
[ mood | busy ]

Hey look i'm home early i wonder why?

well i was gonna go 2 the beach after i went 2 West va well i wrecked my 4wheeler and hurt my bad and my wrist real bad but ohh well i dont care i got 2 come home! lol

well when i came back i took a shower and got bored so i went 2 the bowling alley welp when i got there Becky,Sam,Shea,and Kristen where there we just chilled til lwe got bored then we went with some ppl i dont know that was fun...i got back 2 the b/a and saw Sarah and she was about 2 getinto a fight so i wanted 2 help then EmilY,Hannah,Sarah,and i went looking 4 them and they would NEVER show up,,,,ohh well..i would be scared of us 2...lol

later that night i told dad i was gonna go stay with Emily and Sarah he said it was fine...we went 2 Walmart and got the coolest condoms lol and ballz lol..then we went 2 Emily;s house and watched t.v till Hannah HAD 2 see Cheesecake and make alll of us want some...we got some money together and when and got one 4 like 22$ AND CANT 4GET a penny lol...we came home ate it and well it was GOOOOD

the next morning i called dad and tol him i'd be home later then at like 1 Sarah woke up then Emily's mom had 2 call and wake her and Hannah up at 2ish aftee that i went 2 Sarah's 4 a lil while we went and got her sister then i came home 2 find out ppl called my dad talking shit about me woohoo wat joy..lol

welp i'm bored and there is my update*!


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[June 10th ]
[ mood | disappointed ]

POINTLESS UPDATE! just so ppl will shut up asking me 2 update


nothing great has happpen latly well somethings have been well worth the while but nothing good has happen 2 me!

leaving tomorrow call the cell 393-7847 if u get bored i'm gone 2 West by god va 4 the weekend


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[June 3rd ]
[ mood | depressed ]

Well guys i thought i'd leave yall some pix from last weekend!




 Josh,and Laurn they r so effen cute!


 Look at that stud! LOL


 WTF idont even know?


 i know u wish u were me at this moment! lol


 WOW Nathan looks hott here! lol i look like sh*t once again!


 All of us and Justin has his effen eveys closed gahh wat a loser lol


 Me emily and Kristen, just leftthe B/A went ridding arounf with Matt and Skylar


 Corey the stud lol! shew he is pretty lol


 i look like i'm poking his eye but i'm not*LOL


 i think Justin looks reallly pretty here 4 some reason!



I'll have more pic later on just dont have em' all today!*


well leave me some love *

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[May 9th ]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Hey guys i am now GROUNDED! i wil not be on the computer 4 a while

dad found out about me sneeking out all the time so yea and he found out i was having sex.....

ohh and i had 2 delete the past couple of updated due 2 the fact ppl have 2 make up shit 2 get other ppl that didnt do anyhting in trouble

leave comments love ya all be back sometime

and i will be reading comments! leave em plz'


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[April 19th ]
[ mood | not in the greatest mood ]

This will be my last public update!

Alright....i have 2 make this Friends only sorry but all the Churches and Schools reading my Journal is not going 2 work anymore! no more trouble

if u still wanna be able 2 read my journal u best leave a comment! so leave em"


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