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Hey look i'm home early i wonder why?

well i was gonna go 2 the beach after i went 2 West va well i wrecked my 4wheeler and hurt my bad and my wrist real bad but ohh well i dont care i got 2 come home! lol

well when i came back i took a shower and got bored so i went 2 the bowling alley welp when i got there Becky,Sam,Shea,and Kristen where there we just chilled til lwe got bored then we went with some ppl i dont know that was fun...i got back 2 the b/a and saw Sarah and she was about 2 getinto a fight so i wanted 2 help then EmilY,Hannah,Sarah,and i went looking 4 them and they would NEVER show up,,,,ohh well..i would be scared of us 2...lol

later that night i told dad i was gonna go stay with Emily and Sarah he said it was fine...we went 2 Walmart and got the coolest condoms lol and ballz lol..then we went 2 Emily;s house and watched t.v till Hannah HAD 2 see Cheesecake and make alll of us want some...we got some money together and when and got one 4 like 22$ AND CANT 4GET a penny lol...we came home ate it and well it was GOOOOD

the next morning i called dad and tol him i'd be home later then at like 1 Sarah woke up then Emily's mom had 2 call and wake her and Hannah up at 2ish aftee that i went 2 Sarah's 4 a lil while we went and got her sister then i came home 2 find out ppl called my dad talking shit about me woohoo wat joy..lol

welp i'm bored and there is my update*!

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