*LinzyLu* (jane_doe_4) wrote,

hey guys i'm still alive even tho i havented updated in like 4-ever

ok lets start out with lastnight


ok i got home and my Neighbors came and talked 4 a lil bit then dad like left me..so i called Stina and she came up so we left...we went 2 Walmart..NO ONE was up there so we went 2 the bowling alley 4 a min. talked 2 Sam and Becky

after tyhat we went back 2 walmart and i talked 2 Jarod Key 4 a lil bit...after that we just kinda went home...



today- we got up so fucking early like at 11 it sucked ass!!! well since we were up we went 2 eat then went 2 walmart 2 get a cam..well I SAW BUBBLES! so we bought some and held them out the window as we drove yay!....well we went 2 the park and took lots of pix!

i'll post them in a lil bit

but after that we were gonna go 2 this "GIRL'S" house and i be damn if we couldnt find it....so i went over there and Aaron Hess  was outside working and he didnt help me much he had never heard of her...humm ohh well after i talked 2 him we took off home....now i am sittin here bored as fuck yay!



i miss my F.B.4.L lol.....DONT ASK only Stina knows
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