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Well hell let me tell ya the past weekend has been craZy omg*!

Friday-Marshea came up and we went bowling and walmart...later that night we had fun its was all good!

Satuday-we got up at about 2ish i had a msg on the computer is wat woke me up ;) lol dont ask.....well we got bored so we went 2 Shea's granny's...After that we went back 2 her place 2 get ready and went 2 the b/a 4 about 2 hours and "TRIED" 2 get Jacob's hat shew we stole all his condoms but not the hat damn! then we went her Shea's house and rode the 4wheeler 4 a lil while and then just came home

Sunday-dad came and got us and brought us 2 my house we went 4 wheelin up here till Marshea saw i had NO gas left so we had 2 come home =( after that i called our good bubbies Brandon,Nate,and Brnadon come up 4 like 2 mins and left i dunno y lol.! hahahaha! well tell i went 2 sleep at like 8 then Stina came up 4 a min or 2  when she left me and Shea went 2 her house cause my house sucks! well when we got there we went and got on the 4wheeler WHERE MIGHT I ADD! we heard the DUCKS! yes ppl ducks dont let Shea tell u it was frogs eather!!!! well after we got back we just chilled  then got bored again and went 2 David's brothered him 4 a min then we ran in his bed and just fell asleep lol...after he tucked us in lol!

Today-we woke up at 2ish left David's and went 2 Shea's where we just left again lol..and went 2 her granny's then later dad came and met me at the hospital. and i came home and have been bored ever since*!


but this weekendend has been reallly fun if u ppl only knew it all lol...




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