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well here is an update

-all i do is sleep

-Saturday night was fucking awesome

-my dad believes anyhting i say and i can do what i want

-Stina is my hero for covering 4 me

-me and Trevor r OVER never talking again he wants a g/f i dont want a relationship

-my classring is missing for anyone that may know where it is i kinda know but cant go get it

-i'm lonely lol no one ever comes 2 see me anymore

-i miss someone a lot!

-being single and not talking 2 ANYONE sucks ass

-i wish i could drive

-i wish i had more friends thatcan drive

-LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I MISS MEL!....shew she has been gone way 2 long! she needs 2 come back 2 Pound

...........Thats all for now............

leave me LOTS of comments
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