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Alright i am kinda lazy so i will start with Saturday.....

well i went and got my lovely friend Marshea then we went bowling..well we were there 4 i;d say a good 5 mins then we went with Stina...well we had the big idea 2 go 2 a party ((well i dunnno if u could call it a party or not hum just the Gurl's lol...)) but yea!..... shit fuck this i'LL just put randons

  • i cant drive well at night lol
  • P.......P...... LOL
  • the damn carwash in the middle of the road
  • barking out the window
  • this biscut is dry main
  • Southside! is an awesome place they have a park!
  • Beast fucking! lol

Alright now....

Sunday Mourning we came 2 my house 4 a lil bit 2 talk 2 dad then Stina took us 2 Shea and Stina went 2 work...well me and Marshea passsed out! then later when we got up we went 2 her Granny's and got FOOD! then went 2 the drive inn and saw one of the best movies ever lol...when we got back we had the bright idea 2 change my belly button ring((IF u didnt know i got it pierced the other day)) but yea it took us 45 Mins just 2 find out how 2 get the balll off of it cause the ball dont come off the damn top! shew after i went under alll that pain we changed it and then got in the hott tub then we go sooooo bored we just went 2 her house and went 2 bed.......


ohh well thats it

later all u got damn frazz <----dont ask inside thing

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