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shew school starts tomorrow meaning my summer is over...i reckon i had a great summer tho i didnt get 2 hang out with Haley a lot tho witch was odd because we were together everyday during school...I'v made a lot of friends over the summer like Samanatha,Marshea,Stina,Becky,and Allie witch i cant forget the times we had like jogging at 6 in the mourning and going 2 the MOVIES! lol and got closer 2 Emily wow me and Emily had some GOOD times together ((6-15-05 my fav date ever!))...and me and Marshea had 2 have the best times like ((7-15-05)) with the same..well yes we wont talk about it cause i have been thinking about him a lot lately i had a dream about him last night it was odd cause it seemed soooo real i mean only about 3 ppl know what i am reallly talking about like Marshea.Stina(the view when we got lost) and Emily cause she was the the first time i reallly had a good talk with this boy but this boy had made my summer i just got done talking 2 him and its just weird cause a buch of shit got out and made him hate me for no reason i'm still trying 2 just talk 2him 2 get him 2 relize it wasnt me but ohh well i dont need 2 be talking about him it's just that dream last night seemed soooo real it made me think about it.......but i think i am gonna go sleep and waste the rest of my freaking summer!...i hope everyuone is ready 4 school!''

leave me comemnts!..
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