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alright time 4 an update....

Firday i went 2 Marshea's and we went 2 the b/a welll i dont wanna say what all happen that night but i kinda didnt go back 2 Marshea's i went with someone else witch was kinda stupid and i got cought by Marshea's dad shew i am never lieing about that shit again.....now i'll like never be able 2 go 2 Marshea's again!...

Saturday i was just sittin here bored so i msg;d Stacie Smith...well we had the big idea that we were gonna go out and do something!....so dad come and got her and we went 2 pick up dads ugly bitch...then Dad droped us back off at Stacie's we got ready and went with Jarod and Ty well i got 2 see Marshea...yay...then we went back up 2 Walmart and i saw my lovely Stina and Hopp...well when we was walking over there ,,,uhh some guy we didnt know came oveer and was like u all wanna party so we was like uhh yes..so me and Stacie whent and told her g-ma were we were going and turns out when we got 2 the college they were football players...what r the odds of that....well i dont wanna write about anything that realllly happen so i will just end it there the next mourning me and Stacie came home and crashed out!.....

the end!....leave me lovely comments!
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