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Alright well now summer is 100% over witch sucks i miss my summer it was probly one of the best ever i met some of my best friends now over the summer.....

...alright i'v had a lot of things on my mind lately...and come 2 relize LOVE is bullshit i mean Love has no meaning it's just something u feel! it's for losers and old ppl...it just cant happen 2 me....i did fall for someone over the summer and came 2 see that he didnt love me but used me...it was crazy how i felt 4 this guy 5 months wasted with him i never felt like i did when i was with him he could piss u off and 5 sec. later put his hand on my face kiss me and make it all better it was weird....i know this doesnt make since 2 many ppl right now but 2 Marshea,Stina,Stacie,and Kristen it does and maybe more ppl....but no one reallly knows but Marshea cause she has been there when i am with him he makes me glow and everything....right now i am trying 2 get over him but it is soooo hard...i mean a lotta ppl have been comming up 2 me asking am i sick or depressed case of what this boy has done 2 me but i'm ok for the 40000 ppl who have asked me am i sick....


well i am gonna end it there


love u all....leave me comments

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