*LinzyLu* (jane_doe_4) wrote,

o right now i'd say the most pissed off ppl in the would would have 2 be.....
LINZY AND BECKY! ....we have our reasons...but i hate when guys lie...ya know u always find out in the end what the truth is..shew i mean this kid means the world 2 me i mean i'v been like crazy about him 4 a long time but shew idunno anymore...just i get told one thing one night and then next night something else so me and Becky r PISSED...we punched a whole is our wall i have 2 pay 2 get mine fixed tho =/ that kinda sucks BUT still worth it i get sooo pissed sometimes but yea me and Becky r gonna talk more about what we r gonna do about out fat lil problem..lol...right becky....

leave em!
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