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[December 1st ]
[ mood | chipper ]

My journal is now..


.Just add me & ask to be added back!

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[November 28th ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Well hummm lets see how my week has gone..
turkyday i ate and rode 4 wheelers all day and did nothing all night
humm...Friday-rode wheelers again shew BORING all the girl went shoping stupid me slept in so i had no other choice lol* it was still kinda fun
Saturday-i woke up with tammera looking at me asking if i wanted 2 go shoping
i was like hell yea lol* so she left while i got ready...well she didnt come back till like 7:30 so we got a late start..after we got 2 the stores cody called saying he was bored so Tam thought what the hell and took me 2 his house...i only stayed about 20 min but it was still fun after that we went shoping again and i saw Skee and was shew that boy needs 2 slow down as soon as we saw him he was like wanna go party lol ahh i did good i dint go party i went home and went called melody and went 2 sleep...
Sunday-shew didnt go 2 church see as i got up at like 11 then i saw mel was online so i told her 2 come up and we would go 2 the moives...well dad droped us off and we called cody and adam 2 come up and they cam and we had a good ol time in the movies even tho the movie sucked ass...but i was just happy i was cody lol* ....after the movie we whent 2 eat and SOMEONE got stuff on my pants and it will NOT come out lol8 but its ok..dad came 2 get me and mel and he found out that cody and adam was there and lets just saw dad was not happii...ahh ohh well.....but i am gonna get off here and pee and eat lol* but love ya bye* leave comments

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[November 25th ]
[ mood | weird ]

Hey, This is uh..uh...uh.. MElody* Sorry i forgot my name there for a second.. welp right now i am looking at naked pictures of this really hot guy* wow* ANd talking to lindsey on da fone* Hmm- i hated looking at this uhm.. journal un updated.. So i updated it! LIndsey should have but unfotunaltly she is very lazy. .So yea!! OK welp i am gonna go . .But i cant sleep, the clowns will eat me! Shew gosh darn it i want a friggin penguin* And my spoon is to big!! where is my cookie? Who is kurt cobain? If olive oil is made out of olives and vegitable oil is make out of vegitables..then what is baby oil made out of?? The ?'s of the world that we'll never be answered...
Oh well* Love you guys and lindsey does to!!
Buh Bye<3

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[November 9th ]
[ mood | mellow ]

Hey ppl, this is Andrea updatin' for muh Lindsey! woohoo! I (LinzyLu) had a pretty crazy weekend with Bekah..It was effin' awesome although I(linz)don't remember half of it..and even if I(linz)did it's not like I(linz)would tell ya anyways Lol* That's all I'm gonna say about that! Anyways- Guess What? There is a very special holiday coming up that many people might not know about yet..Hells YeA it's my(Linz) Birthday YAY! I'm soo excited!! It's on Thursday, November 11th So you better not forget about me!lol* I can't wait until this Friday & Saturday..I'm not exactly sure what is going to go on, but I'm pretty sure (Andrea)& (Bekah) are going to come up..*&* then we will just have to see from there! But we always have fun so we don't have nothin' to worry about!* -
Well now that I was acting like Linzy, I'm going to act like myself for a few before I wrap this damn thing up! lol

♥Linz- I'm gonna go ahead and say this a lil' bit early... umm..
-- I love Ya DawL!*
well anyways... I guess I better go..Ya'll leave me (LINZY) some effin' comments now ya hear? <3

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[October 31st ]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hey yall nothing much has been going on sence last time i updatted if u cant see by now i only update once a week...so get over it haha lol*
*I went 2 school..WOOHOO.....after that andrea called and wanted 2 know if i wanted 2 meet her at the game... so after i got ready i headed off 2 the game....well we won but i really really didnt care ( i never care if we win anymore) but during the game me and Shawna pilled off all the letters on Justins shirt and acted dumb and then he grabed my phone and called Brandon acting dumb and asked him how i was in bed!!! i was like WTF! but it was so effen funny i wonder if Brandon ever heard that msg...haha ohh well
after that i went 2 andreas house and we KINDA had a party,,,,lol* then Leigha and emily and me got in a fight witch was really stupid.....OHH me and Andi didnt get into a fight YAY! lol*
*i woke up at about 1:00 and andrea had 2 take a test then we came 2 my house..yay! after we got here well nothing much 2 do so we rented some movies and talked on the computer...after me dad come back home well u know what we did...CALLED GUYS haha well we called Drew and Jerrel and told them 2 come up and they brought some ppl i dont even know......well they only stayed about 5 min.... and left we wont say y they left but it was really really funny.....haha after they left we called Jon and David but they could not come up =( lol how sad...... so me and Andi watched some scary movies and went 2 bed at about 4
well as soon as i got up i was talking 2 Brandon and he was being an ass....as always i try 2 be nice but ohh well......we would not stop asking me stuff lol* but i guess he will find out in a little while what i was talking about haha.... after we fought (Like we always do) me and Andi went driving lol* YAY after that i went with Kania and Melody and Kari walking around well we walked Kaina home IN THE DARK up a scary hollow....we were walking back in bitch black when we heard something comming we freaked out and i got 2 looking and it was C.J lol* i freaked out shew ...scary then i had 2 walk back 2 my house ALONE ahh,,,,,
welp its getting late and i am very tired so i am gonna go 2 bed.....

leave me some comments if ya want

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[October 17th ]
[ mood | drunk ]

shew...where 2 start....this bast 3 days have been CRAZY!....well humm i guess i should start out with friday night..................

-I got off the bus and had 2 run all the way 2 subway 2 meet Andrea..it was so effen cold i thought i was going 2 die..After that we went 2 the game...that was well pretty fun i guess didnt really do anything but walk around...then after that me and B-Lane<---(andrea)then we watched some scary movie and went 2 sleep.....
-Oh god was Saturday crazy...first me and Andrea woke up and (tryed)2 cook but well kinda was really bad food..then dad come home and told us he was going 2 go 2 johnson city with Net.... so while he was getting ready me and Andrea walked 2 the wildcat and got some more bad food....as we were comming home we saw michael,Chewy,and Caleb...they stoped and talked 2 us and then dad pulled up next 2 us...and well was not happy about who we were with but oh well....after we went home...we talked 2 Bekah and got her 2 come up...BUT we had 2 go get her so we called my Buddy Ben 2 come pick us up and take us all the way 2 Bekahs 2 get here(thanks Ben) then after we called Brandon Akers and cussed at him and made him feel bad Micheal and caleb and Chewy came up and stayed 4 a little while.....then we had the big idea 2 go 2 Norton 2 get some food...so we went and put or names on a star at Hardies...Look 2 it...the names..Andrea,Bekah,Lindsey,Jerrel,and the date...wow it was so crazy....humm i cant remember the rest..well icant but ya know i am not telling...HAHA it was something so funny and crazy tho haha
-Wlep we went 2 bed at 7 a.m. and then Andrea woke us up at 8..i was about 2 kill her.... so i called her mom and told her dad how 2 get here 2 pick her up...then it was just me and Bekah and we went back 2 bed and got up at about 11 then she had 2 go home..and i was alone.....when dad got home he walked in and was like this house looks and smeels funny...i was about 2 die then he said.........it is clean and it smeels good.....hahaha how funny....he was like thanks god u didnt have a party Lindsey haha (me party never*)humm then i just went 2 sleep and i have slep all day long...YAY*

welp this weekend has been crazy but not 2 crazy we didnt do anything (2) bad 4 all tho's who think we got into trouble we didnt we just had some fun hanging out.....but i think i am going 2 call my Bekah and my Andrea and then just go 2 bed........

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[October 15th ]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Well i am OVER Brandon i think he was just an ass.....so yea i can do better anyways Brandon was really kinda weird.....But me and Bekah have worked things out we dont hate eachother....love ya Bek! and everything is going pretty good....Pound lost the game last night OHH NO!!!! i cant waite till next week Andrea is trying 2 hook me up with some Pakrick boy he is HOTT....that sould be a fun night lol* humm...what else is going on.....Andrea is sittin on my bed talking on the phone and eating pizza...what a dork ....I <3 U B-LANE (ANDREA) INSIDE JOKE welp i am going 2 get off of here and go Party with Andrea woohoo this should be a fun night!!!!!

Later yall

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[October 11th ]
[ mood | confused ]

Well sence my last update i guess yall would know me and Brandon r over we dont even talk any at all....i dont want 2 call him but i miss talking 2 him so bad.....He dont even msg me on icq.....i cant take it....i just wish he would call and say they he didnt mean any of it and say he loves me but i know that wont happen......everyone thinks it funny that i just a have a little crush but i dont it is more than that i have never cryed over a guy b/4 and i cant stop now......shew i dont know what 2 do i know i should just move on and stuff but i cant i dont know y.......

damnit life sux

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[October 10th ]
[ mood | crushed ]

humm well me and brandon r over 4~ever i guess u could say...he is such an ass i cant stand him....god i love him so much and really he just doesnt care....shew i would do anyting 4 him i mean ANYTHING shew i cnt take it i dont know what 2 do... so i am at Andreas right now tryingn 2 have a good time lol* but i still iss him so much i cant help i eman i know it is better that i dont have him but i need him he is like air 2 me....i just cant leave him

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[October 6th ]
[ mood | sad ]

Hey well i am cryijng right now i miss my Kayla so much.......and i know if i am crying this much then Leigha is......Kayla was like my sister we used 2 well prett much live together.....when we went places we told ppl we were sister......shew i dont know what i am going 2 do with out her......But yetserday i about died yesterday was Tuesday and she came and told me goodbye and that she loves me and said she would call but OMG.... it is notr the same but here is a song 4 Kayla..... by Lynnard Skynard

Tuesdays Gone

Train roll on, on down the line.
Won't you please take me far away.
Now, I feel the wind blow outside my door.
I leave my woman at home.

Tuesday's gone with the wind.
My baby's gone with the wind.

And I don't know oh where I'm going.
I just want to be left alone.
When this train ends, I'll try again.
I leave my woman at home.

Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
My baby's gone with the wind.

Train roll on, Tuesday's gone.

Train roll on, many miles from my home.
See, I'm riding my blues away.
Tuesday, you see, she had to be free.
But somehow, I've got to carry on.

Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
Tuesday's gone with the wind.
My baby's gone with the wind.



[September 30th ]
[ mood | amused ]

I got this from Mel's sister Molly..........it is awesome!!!


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[September 27th ]
[ mood | dirty ]

Welp.....i am not crying over Brandon anymore......... if he loves me like he says he does then he will ask me out someday.....i hope......but anyways P@RTY THIS WEEKEND...... well Kari,Kaina, and me r gonig 2 melodys 2 have an I HATE SHAWNA PARTY lol*j/k we r just going 2 act crazy and be the retards we really are........it should be a blast....but i am really mad at shawna right now i think everyone is......she is such a bitch 2 make up lies about me and my frinds.......ohh and casey wrote mean stuff about me in her info like Lindsey cryed at my house this weekend and all that shit like making me look like a bad person and her a freaking bad a$$ well i dont care i am who i am but kaina......gosh we had a crazy week at caseys lol* kaina saved my life when i fell in a thorn parch ( ouch )and humm thats about it i will update later this week

Lindsey E

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life sucks [September 26th ]
[ mood | sad ]

well..... i have been at caseys all night crying over brandon (i know i never cry but i really did)he just made me so sad he was liek babay i love u so much but we never see each other ever i was like well r we ging 2 date and he said (i dont know) i was like u should know.....i dont think he loves me anymore....... i have never cryed over a guy b/4 in my life i really love him but he just cant see it

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MIM!! [September 22nd ]
[ mood | creative ]

Thank~you so much mim for fixing my L/J up........

so lets see what i have done today.......

i have been mad at Brandon all day.....long story dont want 2 make it short
I have got Sydney rose scared of me haha lol* she should be humm......
Nick brought me some new c.d's witch r awesome.....
Mr. mullins scared the shit out of my today in the hall and i screamed and got in trouble lol* humm... came home and Layla tryed to kill me.....
and thats about it

so leave me some comments

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i am updatting YAY!!! [September 17th ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

welp been a while sence i have updated so humm whats new...
my cat is still gay
humm i still love brandon
Andrea is awesome (love ya and i am sorry u have 2 sat home tonight alone........)
humm kaina still stab
mim humm not chaged
Leigha........porn star now
humm dont know what else i hat a bunch of ppl as always and i am mad b/c brandon stil will not ask me out......damnit ohh well he says it will happen (yea right!)
humm and the wildcats still suck at football but i love the players

save a sk8board ride a sk8er

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bored [September 12th ]
[ mood | mellow ]

hey havent updatted in a long time and who ever sent me that thing that they want 2 sleep with me well u r wierd and i am very bord right now ppl anyone want 2 come up holler at me

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BOO! [September 1st ]
[ mood | bored ]

here bored as i dont know what .............

someone call me 796~5113 shew god nothing 2 freaking do in Pound cant waite till friday! FOOTBALL GAME~!!~

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[August 28th ]
[ mood | high ]

hey hey hey guys sittin here at brendas right now bored as hell dont know what 2 do but last night t the game i about killed someone lol* this little casey moore girl said she was sleeping with brandon so i asked hi mabout it and he doesnt even know her....well i didnt believe him so i asked him friends lol* and they told me he didnt know her so i am still going 2 kill her lol* (j.k) but i dont know about brandon lol*

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SiCk [August 25th ]
[ mood | sick ]

hey whats up guy welp i stayed home from school today lol* woohoo! but the bad thing was i am sick!!! that sucks really bad..........but anyways someone tell me what all happen at school today well andthing good lol* but yea i am so bored right now no one is home 2 talk 2 so i think i am just going 2 go 2 norton lol( ttyl

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[August 23rd ]
[ mood | angry ]

OKAY I DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL I DID BUT Y THE FUCK IS EVERYONE PISSED AT ME OVER ZACK!!!! okay i like him i will tell ya that (Kara i dont care if u know anymore) and zack knows i like him he says he might like me 2 but i know i will not date him b/c i like brandon and i am so confused right now everyone is mad at me and not zack they think i am the bad guy here!!! okay WTF god and daved and kara are like ploting on like killing me or something i dont know and zack is not even datting kara they broke up and zack told me that she dosnt tell me or him what 2 do so help me!!!!

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